Our Premium Pasta Brand.

Only the best durum wheat

We select the best durum wheat from Italy, California and Arizona. Italian wheat is chosen for its flavour, and California and Arizona wheat for the quantity and quality of the proteins which make the pasta “al dente”, firm and elastic. This is one of the characteristics which distinguish our pasta from any other pasta.

Only fresh water from our own spring

Pure, cold mountain water is constantly flowing under the pasta factory, from the De Cecco® Spring. We knead the semolina using this water alone, at a temperature of less than 15°C. This slow working method preserves the integrity of the precious gluten network.

Traditional Bronze Drawing Process

If you run your finger over a De Cecco pasta, you will notice that the pasta has a slightly rough feel, the result of the bronze-drawing process. This is the only process that makes the pasta naturally rough, porous and able to absorb every type of sauce

In the kitchen, passion is key.

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