Cacio e Pepe Recipe

Cacio e Pepe Recipe

Pecorino Romano


Cracked black pepper

Crack a fair amount of pepper into a medium sized frying pan and start to roast on a low heat.

Start boiling your spaghettoni and check the time so that you can remove the pasta before it is cooked. After about 5 minutes add some starchy water to the pan of pepper to create a sauce with the pepper, allow the water to simmer.

Finely grate about a bowls amount of pecorino, add some starchy water from the pasta to the bowl of cheese and whisk with a fork to melt the cheese and make a sticky sauce.

With 3 minutes left on your spaghettoni, dish the pasta into your frying pan with the peppery water, start to mix and continue to add the starchy water so the pasta does not stick or dry out. Add the pecorino sauce and once the spaghettoni is cooked, add some water to loosen up the cheesey mixture and serve. Delicious!